Final Words about Homework

No matter how much your homework seems boring. Doing it can help you in a number of unimaginable ways. The next time you sit down you do your homework, ensure that you have a positive attitude and think how clever you’re getting because of it. It teaches you important life lessons (how to communicate with other people, how to read) that you will use in your adult future. How can homework help you? It also teaches you how to:

  • Think independently;
  • Solve all problems effectively;
  • Build your interest for an understanding of different issues in the society.

Homework is neither boring nor a waste of your time. There are many benefits that you can get with its help. Ensure that you have the skills necessary to write essays and complete your academic assignments on time to experience them.

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Homework, house work, domestic work

Домашняя работа на английском языке в значении «задания, полученные на дом в школе или другом учебном заведении» — это homework. Ведь home — дом в значении места, где вы живете, а work — работа. Пишется только слитно, это единственный правильный вариант.

Домашние обязанности (уборка, стирка и другие домашние дела) — это house work. Потому что house — дом в значении здания, то есть мы делаем работу внутри здания, которое является нашим домом. Эти два слова в таком значении пишутся всегда раздельно.

Работа по дому, которая выполняется прислугой или няней (все та же домашняя уборка, но оплачиваемая) чаще называется domestic work.

Упражнения для самопроверки

  1. I need to do my chemistry ___
  2. I don’t feel my legs. This ___ makes me tired
  3. Don’t you want to help me with ___ or you prefer watching TV?
  4. What ___ do you have? — Writing an article
  5. Can you speak quietly? I am doing my ___
  6. Our mom is used to do all the ___
  7. Can you help me with my ___? I don’t understand this rule.
  8. My younger sister usually does her ___ in advance.
  9. The next lesson is tomorrow. How can I do my ___ in time?
  10. Look around! How long ago did you do the ___?

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Why Homework Plays an Important Role

Students don’t feel great about the homework they need to do at night because they have other more exciting options. Why? Their world includes cell phones, social networks, and other distractions. That’s why homework is vying for attention against tough competition, and most students choose a more interesting opportunity than doing it.

Some students think it’s boring, while others understand the true value and benefits of homework and they take their responsibility for doing everything correctly. That’s because they understand that it’s a top priority. Students need to realize that regular homework teaches them what they strong sides are and to where they must pay more attention.

10 Basic Homework Benefits

Why does the timely completion of academic assignments matter? Homework is highly beneficial because it does the following:

  1. Teaching students about the right time management;
  2. Teaching them how to set important priorities;
  3. Teaching how to solve different problems;
  4. Helping teachers estimate how well their students understand regular lessons and academic materials;
  5. Giving parents a good chance to see what their children learn in classes;
  6. Providing students with a great opportunity to review their class materials;
  7. Teaching them that they must do things even when they don’t have any interest or desire;
  8. Teaching students how to work independently;
  9. Teaching them how to take their responsibility in the entire educational process;
  10. Helping them understand the important role of taking action, planning, and effective organization.

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Правила оформления домашней работы по английскому

Если это заголовок, который пишется перед началом самой работы, то в российских и украинских школах и высших учебных заведениях действуют одни и те же требования к оформлению. А именно:

  • Первая буква заглавная, остальные строчные
  • Слово пишется посередине строки, либо чуть левее середины.
  • Если это начало страницы, либо работа пишется на отдельном листе, Homework пишется сверху
  • В школьных тетрадях и тетрадях для конспектов принято отступать четыре клеточки или две линии от предыдущих записей, затем после «домашняя работа» без дополнительных отступов начинается само задание.

Также перед Homework обычно пишется день недели, число и месяц, когда работа была выполнена. Есть два варианта написания. Первый — цифрами на полях (если британский вариант, то идет день-месяц-год, если американский, то месяц-день-год). Второй вариант — словами: Monday, the second of May). Не забываем, что день недели и месяц в английском пишутся с заглавной буквы.

Затем переходим к номеру упражнения. Чаще всего по середине после Homework пишется слово Exercise (или просто Ex.), затем номер, и в скобочках страница в учебнике. Намного реже вместо этого используется Task.

В итоге получается, что в тетради по английскому правильно оформленное ДЗ будет выглядеть примерно так:

Monday, the eleventh of September Homework Exercise 7 (143)

На этом все. Надеемся, эта статья вам помогла.

Englishdom #вдохновляемвыучить

Homework Writing Help at Acemyhomework

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How can Homework Help Students?

Doing homework is important to all students because they get these great benefits:

  • Mastering effective problem-solving skills;
  • Training their time management and responsibility;
  • Practice makes perfect;
  • Increasing their perseverance level.

Training Time Management and Responsibility

These are important skills that all people should have to be successful in their lives. The good news is that homework can train them. When students need to do their homework in due dates, it’s necessary to ensure that they submit all assignments on time. Achieving this academic goal requires their responsibility and teaches people that they must do even the things they don’t want to do or they hate.

What if your homework doesn’t seem a big responsibility? Remember that it still allows you to take charge of what teacher ask you to do and teaches you to be ready for bigger responsibilities in the future. Many students take part in different extracurricular activities, and they need to do other things that take a lot of their time. That’s why it’s important to manage their time wisely.

Mastering Problem-Solving Skills

Students may fail to fully understand class materials or they may feel confused about their homework, which teaches them to solve problems. This ability is essential when you start working and having more responsibilities. Homework causes you to take direct problems (math questions) and solve them or determine how you can complete different projects to achieve the best results. You learn to take problems and think how you can solve them.

Improving Perseverance Levels

Homework is a certain commitment and students may not complete it fast because of their skills, distraction, etc. It develops a level of perseverance. Taking some time to do your homework even when you don’t see any possible way out teaches you to never give up and makes you feel good about your hard work. Homework plays a huge role in your work ethics because you’re more likely to achieve your success wherever you go if you persevere. Once you gain your perseverance, there’s nothing impossible.

Practice Makes Perfect

This famous statement supports all the advantages of doing homework because it provides students with a better chance to review their class materials to make everything clear and succeed. When you think more deeply and solve different problems based on your knowledge, you can remember class materials better with more practice.

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